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Z-Slayer Dagger Claw Three Blade Glove

Z-Slayer Dagger Claw Three Blade Glove

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The Z-Slayer Claw from Panther is the latest in the line of defense against undead protection. This item is easy to equip in midst of the latest swarm. Stick your arm through the nylon loop and tighten it fast with the velcro, then wrap your hands around the handle bar and prepare for war. The blades are 10.5 inches overall and there are three of them featured. Each one is black with red blood-like designs on the outer facing blades. There are detailed skulls adorning the knuckles and handle bar while there are also bone-shaped claws extending under the blades. The whole item resembles a green beast's skeleton hand with claws extending from it. Very badass, very nice.


  • 19 inch overall length
  • Detailed skulls
  • 440 stainless steel
  • Velcro strap
  • Very intimidating

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