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Wide and Larger Leather Strop From Red Deer

Wide and Larger Leather Strop From Red Deer

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Your strop is your healer, your go-to guy, your helper. Your strop is what you use before every shave and keeps your blade's edge aligned and straight. The strop by Red Deer is sure to protect your razor and help to shave for days on end. The strop is double sided with a fabric side to clean any rust or blemish off of the blade as well as a leather side to help realign the edges of blades after the shave. This straightens out the edge that might become bent during shaving.


  • 23 inch long real leather blade edge aligning strop
  • Strop is long and wide, measuring out to 2.5 inches wide
  • Strop is double sided with one side made of leather and the other side made of conditioning linen
  • Strop is 3 mm thick
  • Stainless steel hanging loop and contoured end for holding

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