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Tiger Tactical Plastic Paper Weight

Tiger Tactical Plastic Paper Weight

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When you want a belt buckle or paper weight that has that cool tough look but isn't so heavy that it weighs you down, you're going to love our Black Plastic Knuckles belt buckle available right here on Security Wizard. Strong enough to be used for a personal protection device in a pinch, this fantastic unit is designed to be used as a fashionable belt buckle or a sturdy paper weight. Because one never knows when one will be called into a fashion forward situation where a classy looking belt buckle is needed, this fabulous unit can easily be stored in your purse or your pocket, for those fashion emergencies, without weighing you down. That's the benefit of this awesome hard plastic belt buckle over similar stainless steel models.

While it's always comforting and cool looking to have the stainless steel model of this kind of belt buckle, the fact is, those type of buckles weigh quite a bit and can make wearing them, or hauling them around a bit of a trial. That said, the beauty of this heavy duty black plastic model is that it looks and performs just as great as the stainless steel version, but it's much lighter weight and much more innocuous looking. As a handy paper weight, this attractive piece is going to look great in your office, whether that office is at your home or at a separate location.

Its display is also likely to discourage any bad behavior on the part of clients or vendors who might otherwise be problematic. Compact enough to keep in your car, for either those impromptu fashion emergencies, or for spur of the moment business gift giving opportunities. Don't let another day go by without heading over to Security Wizard and getting a few of our Black Plastic Knuckles belt buckles to have on hand, so you never have to be caught without this incredibly versatile piece.

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