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Tiger Tactical Love Belt Buckle/Paper Weight Heavy Duty

Tiger Tactical Love Belt Buckle/Paper Weight Heavy Duty

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Heavy duty solid steel belt buckle knuckles with four letter L-O-V-E design, the shiny finish Black/Gray Love Brass Knuckle removable belt buckle can be used as an easy to attach to your belt, and you can also remove the belt screw to use this piece as a paperweight or desk artifact in the office, as a heavy duty striking visual display. As a table display, the power this design represents can greatly improve and increase your mood toward self-confidence and certainty in the workplace, and as a belt buckle, these silver brass knuckle buckles serve as very functional units that will stay attached to your belt and give you a striking accent to your outfit.

As a self-defense tool, the Black/Gray Love Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle is strong, hard solid steel that is perfect for defense against attackers, and can be carried with you into any situation at any time on your belt loop for convenient access, to equip yourself in times of dire need and distress. Made by expert craftsmen in the self-defense weaponry market, the Black and Gray Love Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle is made to last for many years of even heavy use, maintaining its new look, shiny professional finish, and extremely durable and rugged design throughout rigorous impact and rubbing against other hard surfaces.

As a belt buckle, the Black and Gray Love Brass Knuckle unit is easy to apply, and as a self-defense tool, the Black and Gray Love Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle is extremely formidable. These heavy duty belt buckles come wrapped in a blister pack that preserves the finish all the way from manufacturing to your hands, and the high quality silver finish is coated to last and withstand heavy use, maintaining its appearance of newness. Each letter that stands out on each knuckle spelling ‘LOVE' is precisely detailed with contrasting black background and silver letters.

Product Features

  • Shiny glittering finish
  • Four letter word spelled out
  • Removable belt screw
  • Attaches to belt

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