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Throwing Spike With Nylon Case and Elastic Wrist Strap

Throwing Spike With Nylon Case and Elastic Wrist Strap

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These are the throwing spikes the internet has been buzzing about. The latest craze, the sharp pointed, sleekly designed, state of the art throwing spikes are all the rage and now Panther Trading has them. Throwing Spike: A long and narrow piece of steel (usually 440 stainless) forged with a sharp tip on the end. These secret agent tools can be used as public safety kubotan jabbers or as ninja throwing knives. Each of our throwing spikes comes with a nylon carrying case so you can sport this awesome knife on your wrist and access it at a moments notice.


  • Measures out to 7 inches in overall length
  • 3.5 inch blade length with sharp point
  • Nylon sheath with imitation leather lining interior
  • Velcro straps on nylon sheath with elastic stretching power - Able to fit any size arm
  • Doubles as kubotan or throwing knife

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