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Takedown Jungle King Survival Knife (Silver)

Takedown Jungle King Survival Knife (Silver)

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Jungle King knives are always manufacturing a quality blade to keep in your most essential collection of supplies. This landmark knife from Jungle King is known as the Firestarter and just like fire, is unstoppable. Called Firestarter for the included flint block located in the sheath, this 15 inch monster is all you'll ever need in the wild. The sheath is equipped with a botton-snap compartment and leather paracord for extra rope just in case you need it. This knife is entirely surgical steel and the handle is no exception, plus it is textrured for a stronger hold. The handle also has a curved quillon and a guard with removable steel tactical nails. Use these with the flint to keep yourself warm if you're ever forced to rough it. The tactical nails also double and mini throwing knives to use at your description and re-attach to your knife to use again. Wrap your hands around this knife today and become the king of the jungle.


  • 15 inch overall length
  • All steel handle for strong hold
  • Sharp, plain blade made of 1045 surgical steel with saw serration on top of blade
  • Leather sheath included
  • Flint and steel included - Start your fire today!

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