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Solid Steel Gothic Skull Public Safety Keychain- Black

Solid Steel Gothic Skull Public Safety Keychain- Black

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If your key chains are getting lost in your pocket or purse, it's because they are clearly just too small and unobtrusive. Our Solid Steel Gothic Skull Self Defense Keychain in black is going to be the key chain you never loose. It looks incredibly tough with its gothic style and skull accent. Large enough so you always know where it is, and small enough to fit easily into a purse or pocket, this heavy duty key chain can serve a wide variety of purposes, not the least of which is self-defense. Easy to hold in your hand, it will let people know that you're not one to be toyed with.

Of course the beauty of this awesome unit, is that it is a key chain and so very helpful in that way as well. When you're walking to your car at the end of the night and are feeling a bit insecure, just hold this key chain in your hand and you can rest assured that trouble will not find you and if it does, you can handle the situation. Your stance and confidence are one of the biggest factors that keep you from being a victim.

By holding this key chain in your hand at the ready, you will automatically walk taller and with less fear and insecurity making you a very unlikely target for anyone who would have less than pure intentions in approaching you. Because this handy key chain fits right in your hand, it's not something most people will notice you have on you. However, it will be hard to miss the new confidence you exude as you walk into a room or out into the night. The real gothic look, with the beautiful scribe work and the impressive skull fits right in with today's gothic culture designs.

Product Features

  • Silver keyring attached
  • Solid Steel
  • Heavy weight
  • Size: 3.25" x 2.25"