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Rustic Olde Age Medieval Old West Handcuffs

Rustic Olde Age Medieval Old West Handcuffs

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There's a new sheriff in town with these old west, authentic handcuffs. Complete is rustic fashion, these antique hand cuffs are covered in rust-colored dust, giving your prisoners a taste of the old west justice. These handcuffs fit almost any size and are forged from stainless steel. You can also use these as medieval handcuffs as well to extract a little justice from prisoners in your dungeon. Great for plays, movies, LARP and more. You can even keep these around the house as a display piece or the classroom as historical prop.


  • Rustic, old west look and feel
  • Rusted look and authentic antique finish - You can see the rust and dust on the stainless steel surface
  • Use what the sheriff in the old west used on the outlaws - Become the king of your castle with these
  • Heavy duty cuffs - These bad boys weigh in at over a pound, the real deal
  • Includes antique, olde time key

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