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Red Deer Hand Carved Walking Cane - Deer/Rope Handle

Red Deer Hand Carved Walking Cane - Deer/Rope Handle

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Canes have never been as functional and as elegant as these. Mountain Climb walking canes are truly a work of art, featuring hand carved tribal designs of bears, wolves, eagles and more- these canes are quality in the palm of your hands. The handles of the canes can come bare or with tightly wrapped rope for an added grip and a different look. Some walking canes come with survival paracord included in case you need extra protection while hiking in the wild. These canes are great for exploring the wilderness, or if you want to impress friends and turn heads while you're out and about. Save big today and buy by the dozen. Collect them all.


  • Designed and hand carved from real wood.
  • Measures in at 55 inches overall.
  • Rubber tip at the bottom for protection.
  • Beautiful detailed, native designs of animals and patterns.
  • Great for hiking or everyday use - Leather strap

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