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Real Damascus Red Deer Hunting Knife With Leather Sheath

Real Damascus Red Deer Hunting Knife With Leather Sheath

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The blade itself is a cause for alarm. The top of the one hundred percent REAL Damascus steel has saw teeth which make it great for sawing. spin that blade over to reveal a drop point razor sharp blade. Real Damascus is so sharp it could slice a gnat in half. The tip of this blade features a seat belt cutter on the opposite end. Not only is this a hunting and skinning dagger (the seat belt cutter could double as a cut hook slicer) but this knife also has the features of a rescue knife. There is a genuine sheath included that connects to your belt loop. There is also real stag bone on the handle. You can't go wrong with this knife. Did we mention, it looks amazing?


  • Measures out to 9 inches overall in length
  • Features a gut hook blade which also doubles as a seat belt cutter
  • Handle is 5 inches and made from one hundred percent real stag horn
  • The handle features real brass in the bottom as well as in the handle's guard
  • Razor sharp drop point blade forged from absolutely real Damascus steel

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