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Protector Baton With Keychain Black Finish

Protector Baton With Keychain Black Finish

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A 12" extending self-defense baton, the Protector Spring Coil Baton With Keychain Black Finish has all the necessary and particularly beneficial features in a high quality, top of the line self-defense weapon used by law enforcement, security guards and bouncers for crowd and belligerence control, and is trusted to perform to its full functionality every time, for a long time. You can protect yourself at any time with the Protector Spring Coil Baton With Keychain Black Finish, because it is so lightweight and easy to transport and carry. You can carry this heavy-duty extending baton on your belt loop or in a pocket to ensure you are protected from unexpected danger anywhere you go.

The baton opens or ejects its extension with a natural flick of the wrist, and locks in place firmly. An easy to grip handle prevents the baton from slipping out of your hand during use, and resists moisture with its texture that is threaded for optimal handgrip. Made of stainless steel, from expert craftsmen who have a true passion for creating fully functional self-defense tools that can be used by anyone and easily portable, the Protector Spring Coil Baton With Keychain Black Finish is built to last forever, and withstand a lifetime of heavy use by either professional or civilian.

A key chain and key ring give you an easy way to transport this professional grade baton and carry it with you on a regular basis. Weighing only a half-pound, this lightweight and versatile baton is truly remarkable design considering its strength and power. Protect yourself with the ultimate in spring coil batons, which comes in a jet-black finish. Security Wizard is committed to providing you with the best quality products at the most affordable price online, and we check regularly to make sure you can shop here for the Black Finish Protector Spring Coil Baton With Keychain, worry free.


  • 12 inch overall length
  • Handle has an easy-to-grip texture
  • Features keychain loop for portability and easy transportation
  • Has a jet black finish
  • With just the flick of the wrist, this keychain turns into an strong baton

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