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Police Edition Nickel Plated Handcuffs

Police Edition Nickel Plated Handcuffs

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The Police Edition Stainless Steel Professional Grade Handcuffs are top quality, masterfully crafted police edition handcuffs-excellent police or military enforcement tool made to fit any size hand, with double locking features and aspects of its design certain to increase their level of security over other handcuffs of high standard. These heavy weight, professional grade handcuffs come with two keys for added convenience, and in case one key gets lost over time. There are few handcuffs with as many security measures built into their design like the Police Edition Stainless Steel Professional Grade Handcuffs. The double locking cuff style makes them extra safe and secure-inescapable, even.

The classic shiny silver finish gives them the authentic look of the handcuffs we all instantly recognize in our psyche as an ultimate restraining force. Takedown Gear manufacturers work round the clock to ensure their products are being produced at the highest level of quality with only the most excellent quality materials used in their craftsmanship, which is why Security Wizard is proud and committed to certainly make available the Police Edition Stainless Steel Professional Grade Handcuffs for sale at the most affordable price online-we believe in the masterful manufacturing of this product to add it to our collection, and give you a worry free option for shopping for premium quality handcuffs.

These heavy weight cuffs boast quality with their heavy construction; considerable size sure to fit any size hand or wrist. The Police Edition Stainless Steel Professional Grade Handcuffs are a set you can count on being there for you when you need them most, throughout years of heavy use-keep a pair on your belt or at arm's reach for controlling belligerent customers and patrons if you are a bouncer or security guard, or as a police officer or military official.


  • Made in Taiwan
  • Hand Cuffs, Police Edition
  • Double Lock, Professional Grade
  • Heavy Weight
  • Excellent Quality, Comes w/ Two Keys

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