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Plastic Comb Knife

Plastic Comb Knife

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The best form of self-defense is tactical, and when you have the advantage of equipping a powerful weapon without your attacker realizing it, you can guarantee to be ready when the time comes, instead of scrounging through your purse or bag-within two seconds you can be in full defense with the Royalty Purple CIA Stealth Plastic Hidden Comb Knife. The unaware see a neon colored hair comb, but concealed within the comb is a tactical knife made of hard ABS plastic. heavy duty commercial grade plastic used in many industrial types of construction and manufacturing.

This 4.25" blade serves as a window breaker and skull crusher as well as a sharp half serrated drop point knife that can seriously incapacitate an assailant of any size. The Royalty Purple CIA Stealth Plastic Hidden Comb Knife is legal to carry into a nightclub and on the street in public, because you need to be prepared for self-defense at any moment, and in a moment's notice have your tool in-hand for protecting yourself by any means necessary. The animal instinct is inside of you to accomplish protecting your well being, and this fully functional hair comb is your safest bet for a tool that instantly adapts your hand into a critical and dangerous striking weapon.

The Comb Knife's purple color is a light lavender and has a rave-style which makes it an excellent disguise comb knife, giving the appearance of a general hair care accessory but with the full functionality of an expertly designed self-defense knife. This two piece self-defense weapon is an affordable line of defense against an attack in close quarters-never again be unarmed in a dangerous situation: Invest in the safety, security and protection of the disguised Royalty Purple CIA Stealth Plastic Hidden Comb Knife available at Security Wizard.


  • Plastic Comb Knife complete with window breaker/skull crusher
  • Legal to carry inside of clubs and on the street
  • Made from Hard ABS plastic
  • Super sharp
  • 6.25 Inches overall length

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