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Lipstick Stun Gun by Kentucky Tactical Supplies

Lipstick Stun Gun by Kentucky Tactical Supplies

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The modern woman has many a tools at her disposal. This stun gun is perfect for the lady customers and those who need a disguise self-defense tool in these hectic times. This exterior of this stun gun is inconspicuous and appears as nothing more than harmless lipstick or other makeup. There is a charger included so the items battery can last as long as the durable item itself. The item is waterproof and is extremely durable in various conditions such as inclement weather. The material is aircraft grade aluminum and the three-stage lighting system is controlled by a micro-computer.


  • Looks like harmless makeup to the naked eye
  • Fully rechargeable with included charger
  • Super high voltage output
  • High-powered LED flashlight
  • Waterproof structure

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