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Knight's Crusader Barrel Helmet

Knight's Crusader Barrel Helmet

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This grand, medieval knight's helmet is a brilliant piece of armor. Helmets such as these were used by Crusaders during those historical events. The helmet does not include a liner, but is fully wearable and fits almost anyone. This helmet features a front shield that can slide up and down, revealing a segment of the wearer's face. The material is solid, carbon steel and the helmet was forged by hand in India. The quality is supreme, but the design is that much more amazing with various grooves, holes and ridges. Get your hands on this royal armor today and sell to LARP'ers, cosplayers and collectors alike.


  • 14.5" x 11" - Country of origin: India
  • Carbon steel with mirror shine finish
  • Life-size wearable LARP Cosplay helmet
  • Sliding face visor that moves up 70-80 degrees (Not shown fully opened in picture)
  • Brass-colored accents and crusader design

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