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Crusader Templar Knight's Helmet

Crusader Templar Knight's Helmet

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This high carbon steel masterpiece is known as a Great Helmet. The tough steel material and the flat-top shape handles blows well. The 16 gauge steel is intertwined with the cruciform, real brass design to create a helmet not unlike those used 800 years ago. This hand-made helmet is fit for a knight of supreme armor and is fully wearable. At one-size-fits-most, this is a great deal and sure to turn on an array of customers. A display stand comes with this helmet making is a prized possession for any store's counter. This helmet comes with a small layer of removable oil as well to prevent any rusting.


  • 9 inch width - Country of origin: India
  • 11 inch height
  • Mirror-like reflective surface
  • Golden cruciform design over eyes and middle of face
  • Leather liner included as well as wooden stand

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