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Credit Card Lock Pick Set Pocket Size Lockpicking Kit

Credit Card Lock Pick Set Pocket Size Lockpicking Kit

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Finally, a way to conveniently carry a few lock picks with you, just in case you need them. Since you don't necessarily want to carry around a bulky kit, and you certainly don't want loose picks falling out of your pockets, the Credit Card Lock Pick Set might be just the thing you've been looking for. It's thin and small enough to sit comfortably in your pocket or cozily inside your wallet, and it contains all the basic picks you should need in a variety of situations. That's because it features five picks, each one made for a different kind of lock. These include a rake pick, a hook pick, two half diamond picks, and a half ball pick. They are fit together like the blades of a Swiss Army Knife, allowing you to pull out the pick you need at a certain time and then fold it back in when you're done.

The Credit Card Lock Pick Set is a high quality item. The picks are made of stainless steel and are not likely to break easily. The set is only 3.5" long, and it's only 2mm thick. The picks themselves are 2" long. That's why it's so easy to carry around with you and hardly weighs anything. The case is black, which makes it less noticeable than it would be if it were another color, making it low profile. We hope you're excited by our price. The Credit Card Lock Pick Set is available here for our guaranteed lowest price. We're happy to sell it to you at that price and will even match a lower competitor's price if you find one.

Product Features

  • Compact and light weight lock-picking kit. 2 MM thick
  • Entirely forged from stainless steel
  • 5 piece set. Includes all you need to pick looks and open anything you want
  • Now, nothing can stand between you and your goals. Comes with Rake, Hook and Diamond shaped picks
  • Folded: 3.5" long. Pick Length: 2"