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CIA Agent Comb Knife (Available in 6 colors)

CIA Agent Comb Knife (Available in 6 colors)

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A disguised 3.5" blade in comb, the tactical self-defense comb knife is the perfect concealment tool, safe and legal to carry in your purse or in a bag, in your car or anywhere: The CIA Agent Comb Knife Covert CIA Agent Comb Knife. Blade is a 6.5" long comb that serves as a useful comb, but unsheathes to reveal a steel 3.5" blade with a half-serration design, perfect for defending yourself against attackers. When set upon in close quarters, a few seconds is all you have, so an easy to access tactical self-defense weapon like the CIA Agent Comb Knife Covert CIA Agent Comb Knife. Blade could very well be the difference between life and death.

Tactical self-defense starts with deception if possible, so being able to equip yourself with your weapon before the attacker realizes it is a comb gives you a distinct advantage and hard leg up in the battle; extending the length of your reach by 3" and giving you nearly limitless power with the damage capabilities of a 3" blade, that can gravely injure and incapacitate any size attacker or assailant. The novel comb knife made by CIA Agent Comb Knives is meant to be a concealed weapon, that you can carry in the street or in public, amongst your other items in your bag won't appear to be a weapon until necessary.

The two-piece BCIA Agent Comb Knife Covert CIA Agent Comb Knife with Blade is easy to conceal and easy to brandish; works as an actual hair care accessory, and is designed from hard and smooth plastic sure to withstand repeated impact and getting banged up against hard surfaces over time. Your attacker might not even realize they've been hit with a blade, until it is too late for them and you are long gone in the arms of safety.


  • 3.5 inch blade.
  • 3 inch handle.
  • 6.5 inch overall length.
  • Available in 6 colors total.

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