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Cat Public Safety Keychain

Cat Public Safety Keychain

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A kitty keychain that packs a powerful punch-the Black Kool Kat Self Defense Key Chain hangs from your keys to give you a self-defense weapon that you can have equipped just by carrying your keys in your hand. To the undiscerning eye, the Black Kool Kat Self Defense Key Chain looks like a decorative keychain, small enough not to draw attention to it, yet large enough that your fingers have 1" holes each, and an added 1 ï¾½" of spiked pointy ears to incapacitate an attacker in close quarters.

The new design of the Black Kool Kat Self Defense Key Chain gives itself to increased functionality, and a longer lifespan: A more formidable, reinforced frame and design withstands heavy impact getting banged against hard surfaces, and a new black coat finish maintains its newness despite heavy rubbing and banging against keys on a key ring. This solid steel forged kitty is a weapon you can instantly equip, which gives it a distinct advantage in self-defense because of how little time you have to equip yourself during an attack. A second or two at most is all the time you will likely have to prepare for an attack, so carrying your keys a considerable distance ahead of time is a smart move when walking to your car; especially when your keys automatically arm you with the Black Kool Kat Self Defense Key Chain.

A Kitty ear spike punch to the head, neck or extremity incapacitates even large attackers, giving you the necessary time to escape. A harmless appearance when not necessary, the Black Kool Kat Self Defense Key Chain is not only cute. it makes an excellent decorative addition to your keys; always ready to be in a moment's notice equipped for maximum damage; giving you a real life human version of cat claws that will put down any opponent in an unexpected attack.

Product Features

  • Overall height: 3"
  • Overall width: 2.25"
  • Finger holes are 1" in diameter
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces. Forged from solid steel
  • Includes hook keychain attachment as well as traditional keyloop for keychain functionality

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