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Top 10 Kickass Female Video Game Characters

Posted by Security Wizard on 2/2/2016
If you have experience in the gaming world, you know that most of the female characters in video games are scantily clad with a perfect hourglass shape. In fact, gender roles and sexism in video games has been a topic of discussion and research since the 1970s. Basically since video games and arcades rose in popularity.

Female characters are often underrepresented or given negative stereotypes that make them appear weak or frail. Finding a female character that is just as tough and cunning as the male protagonist is rare, but not unheard of. In fact, in recent years, the gaming industry has seen more tough as nails leading ladies in popular games.

Of course, the ladies are always going to be attractive, but think of the male protagonists - they are always attractive and badass as well. But helpless? Rarely. And there are some game designers that believe, like we do, that leading ladies should be just as intelligent and brutal as the leading men. In some cases, like Samus Aran, these ladies could even kick major male ass.