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What is a Kubaton?

Posted by Security Wizard on 12/9/2015

Kubotan is a simple yet powerful self defense key chain which is also referred to as Kubotan or Kobutan by others. It was developed by Takayuki Kubota as a tool for police officers used to restrain suspects without inflicting permanent injury on them. The popularity of the use of Kobutan began during the early 1970’s when the developer, Kubota brought the weapon to the presence of the LAPD simultaneously with the initial schooling of female officers included in the program.



The work kubotan came from two terms namely “Kubota”, who is the designer of the instrument and “baton”, from which the design may have been patterned.

The traditional kubotan is composed of a high-impact plastic rod which is made from Lexan approximately 5.5 inches long and .56 inch in diameter. It is further lined with six round groves that are designed to give the handler an additional grip plus a functional screw eye with a split ring at the end where one can attach keys. The tip of the kubotan may either be pointed or flat depending on the manufacturer.

Principle and Concept of the use Kubotan

A Kubotan is designed to strike bony surfaces, nerve points and tissue. Thus, the effectiveness of this simple self defense instrument lies in the knowledge and skill of the person who will use it. If done effectively, it has the ability to temporarily paralyze or cause extreme pain to the attacker allowing the individual more time to escape.

The best places to attack when using the kubotan are the stomach, the groin, the solar plexus, the arm, the hip bone, the shin, the collarbone, the kneecap, the ankle and the throat. An accurate attack on one of these body parts will certainly keep your assailant immobile for quite some time but a more increased power strike may even lead to broken bones on the part of the assailant.