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IntelliSpy 1280P HD Fisheye 3.0 MP IP Camera

IntelliSpy 1280P HD Fisheye 3.0 MP IP Camera

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 The IntelliSpy 1280P HD Fish Eye 3.0 MP IP Camera with Wi-Fi and DVR is easy to install and operate. It is a standalone unit. Install the camera in the area you want to monitor, plug it in to power and enjoy a 360 degree view of the area in high definition with the fisheye 3 megapixel camera. This system is just about perfect for anyone. You can use this in your home to keep an eye on your pets, children, and property. It is also perfect for warehouses, convenience stores, clubs, and offices. It has 3 IR LEDs for a range of 30 feet when using night vision. The 1280p camera has a crisp clear panoramic view and has motion detection recording capability. Motion detection recording helps to save storage space since it will only record when there is motion. It makes it easier to find an event rather than skimming through hours of uneventful video footage. It has a wireless range of 180 feet, through walls this will be less. The camera has a built in DVR and comes with a 64GB Micro SD card installed and can record 128 hours (about 5.3 days) of video footage.  This is a self contained unit with only 1 piece of equipment to set up. 

When using the motion detection function the record time will increase. It has a built in microphone and speaker, to record audio. You can listen via the remote app and also speak into your phone for someone to hear you through he camera. This system connects easily to your internet so you can view the system from anywhere in the world. Can be set up in less than 3 minutes to your wireless network. 

When viewing remotely through the app you can view a full 360 degree view of the area under surveillance. The remote app supports electronic PTZ so you can get a better look at the viewing area. It also supports 4 kinds of 3D viewing, Audio, and works with Android and IOS with the VR Cam app from the app store. Mounts on ceiling or wall with 3 screws (screws not included).  Not meant for outdoors. 

  • 1.1 mm fish lens
  • Visual angle 180ï¾°
  • IR Night Vision distance: 30 feet 
  • 3pcs Array Leds
  • 3.0mp lens
  • H .264 Video Compression
  • Max SD card support 128GB
  • Audio and Speaker
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • 3.0MP Camera and DVR
  • Power Supply
  • Manual
  • 64GB SD Card Installed                                               

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