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9 Inch Hunting Dagger With Damascus (Full Tang) - Includes Sheath

9 Inch Hunting Dagger With Damascus (Full Tang) - Includes Sheath

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As much of a legitimate hunting and skinning knife as it is a bad-ass dagger, this Red Deer Damascus knife is a lot more than your probably used to. The blade is one hundred and ten percent REAL Damascus steel and runs throughout the entire knife (full tang). The blade also has a series of holes for a special and unique look. The handle contains real buffalo horn with an accent of red pakka wood. The rest of the knife is stainless steel and has a mirror shine finish. This section covers the top part of the blade. The handle is made for a supreme grip and has groves to fit your fingers masterfully. The leather sheath features a Native American-esque stitching pattern with nice beads handing off it to add to the bad-assness. Get your own Red Deer hunting and skinning dagger today and give yourself something to treasure.


  • Measures out to 9 inches in total (5 inch blade length)
  • Features a five inch blade with cosmetic holes and is also in a curved karambit style
  • The handle is super easy to grip and features grooves for your fingers to sit
  • The REAL Damascus blade is full tang, running throughout the whole knife
  • The handle is also part stainless steel and part buffalo horn with a red streak flying through it

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