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9.5 Inch Black Rubber Grip Nunchucks

9.5 Inch Black Rubber Grip Nunchucks

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Get your nunchaku or "nunchucks" here and start practicing your Bruce Lee moves today. Perfect for practicing and honing your skills. These nunchucks are made from rubber and are very authentic- just like the movies. They are connected to each other by a silver chain. Includes a ball bearing so that they are easy to swing. They are 12 inches long. Great for martial arts practice or for any collector. Use these nunchucks to perfect your around the neck, behind the back, or helicopter spin moves with these exclusive nunchucks.


  • Heavy duty and lightweight
  • These nunchucks are well-made and are rubber
  • Nunchucks are held together by steel chain links
  • Authentic rubber nunchucks
  • There is a image of a dragon on each nunchuck

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