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6 Piece Lockpicking Kit W/ Faux Leather Case

6 Piece Lockpicking Kit W/ Faux Leather Case

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Whether it's you or your friends who are always getting locked out, you're going to be the hero of the day when you show up with your 6 piece Lock Picking Kit with its faux leather case. You'll be able to open just about any lock with this handy kit. From rescuing that damsel in distress who locked her keys in her car, to coming to the rescue when your kids lock themselves out of their apartment, you'll be amazed at just how often you're called on to use your lock-picking kit.

If you're a home flipper and find yourself with a new property that doesn't have a key, you can now open that door without having to destroy the frame, saving you some rather expensive repair costs. If you've always thought about starting a business to help folks get into their cars or homes when they're locked out, this handy kit could be an affordable way to hang out your shingle and get going. This is one of those indispensable kits that you're going to want to keep on hand in several locations.

A must have for your camping kit because you never want to be caught in the woods with the keys locked in your vehicle, and something you'll want to always have in your car safety kit, your desk drawer in your office, and your home safety kit so you're ready to rush to the rescue at a moment's notice, you'll notice as you go through your day that you'll find more places you want to leave one of these convenient lock-picking kits. Small and compact enough to keep in your purse or your glove box, this is the kind of thing you'll want every member of your family to have and keep with them at all times.

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