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32.5 Inch Baton- Solid Steel Police Stick-With Window Breaker RW1

32.5 Inch Baton- Solid Steel Police Stick-With Window Breaker RW1

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Designed to be an invaluable tool for law enforcement and security personnel, our 32.5" Baton that's solid steel and includes a window breaker is one of those pieces of equipment that comes in handy a lot more often than you think it will. The solid rubber grip handle gives you a sturdy surface to hold onto allowing you the most control possible when you need to use this implement. You'll also get a convenient nylon carrying case to keep your baton in, when it's not in use. Ideal for self-defense, this unit is long enough to allow you to protect yourself without allowing your assailant to get too close. In addition, the handy window breaker is ideal when you need to gain speedy access to a vehicle or building.

From rescuing an injured motorist that's trapped inside a vehicle, to setting dogs or children free when they are locked inside a hot car, to gaining entrance into a burning building to rescue inhabitants, this versatile baton is going to come in handy for a variety of situations. As anyone in the law enforcement or security fields knows, every situation can become an emergency situation very quickly and it's important to have a variety of options in your self-defense and rescue arsenal. There are times when pulling your gun is just not an option, but you still need a way to defend yourself that won't put anyone else at risk.

Your solid steel 32.5" Baton and included window breaker will limit any altercation to just you and your attacker without putting innocent bystanders at risk. If you're in law enforcement or you're a security professional, you want to make sure that you have this solid steel 32.5" Baton with its included window breaker so that you have every tool you need to meet any defense or rescue situation.


  • 32.5 Inches in Length
  • Solid Rubber Handle
  • Window breaker included
  • Solid rubber grip handle
  • Nylon case included