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3 oz Pepper Spray- Police Strength OC-17 Magnum

3 oz Pepper Spray- Police Strength OC-17 Magnum

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Containing the most powerful irritants to deter and eliminate a hostile attack from human or animal, the 3oz. Pepper Spray. Police Strength OC-17 Magnum is one of the strongest concentrations of pepper spray available, any stronger and it would be illegal. This police officer grade pepper spray can is premium quality, ready to defend you at any moment. One hand, easy operation makes equipping your pepper spray and setting it into action a process you can accomplish in less than two seconds, giving you a comfortable amount of time to ward of your assailant before they even know what hit them.

The 3oz. Pepper Spray. Police Strength OC-17 Magnum sprays multiple blasts at a range of up to 12 feet-a powerful dose with a concentrated stream. Carrying pepper spray with you is only an inconvenience until you need it-then it's instantly worth every minute you've carried it with you. With this small size, easy to carry can, you can keep it in your purse or in your pocket, in your glove box or on your keys, eliminating threats before they happen, debilitating with an inflammatory concentrate that nearly completely shuts down eyesight and breathing for many minutes.

The Police Strength OC-17 Magnum 3oz. Pepper Spray gives you multiple uses, though it is best to replace your pepper spray can unit after each full use, in the case of an actual attack situation. Though proper safety measures should be considered; testing out your 3oz. Pepper Spray can ahead of time to make sure it works is a helpful method to learn about your spray; its power, the level of stream, and the consistency of the concentrate. A safety twist top and a guaranteed lowest price here at Security Wizard makes the 3oz. Pepper Spray. Police Strength OC-17 Magnum, a safe purchase.


  • Offers the most powerful concentration of pepper spray allowed by law.
  • Police grade.
  • One Hand Operation - Multiple Blasts up to 12 Ft.
  • Small size so it's easy to take anywhere.
  • Features safety twist top.

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