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26 Inch Foam Handle Baton - Solid Steel Police Grade w/ Free Case

26 Inch Foam Handle Baton - Solid Steel Police Grade w/ Free Case

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Your personal protection must be on your mind, and that's why you've come to our store. Since there are many dangers and dangerous people in our world, it's never a bad idea to have the right equipment to protect yourself. The 26" Foam Handle Collapsible Baton allows you to do that and also makes it easier for you to protect others. It's really easy to use, since you can expand it to full length, which is 26" long, and then retract it again quickly and without difficulty.

The 26" Foam Handle Collapsible Baton has a hard steel core that is certainly strong enough to be a real weapon. You'll like the foam handle, since it is convenient to hold onto and provides you with the comfortable grip you need to hang on without the baton slipping from your hand. The classic black finish is nice because it goes well with most clothing. The carrying case is also black, and you'll like how smoothly the 26" Foam Handle Collapsible Baton slides out of the case when you need it.

Simply carrying this baby with you may be enough of a deterrent for the people around you that they will respect you and not give you any trouble in the first place. But it's still nice to know that you will have a way to protect yourself and others should the need arise. That knowledge is a confidence booster, for sure. We want you to be confident shopping here, and we encourage that confidence by never sharing your personal information.


  • 26 inch overall length
  • Solid foam grip handle
  • Police and law enforcement grade public safety item
  • Easily extendable and retractable
  • Forged from very solid and durable stainless steel

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