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16 Inch Throwing Axe  with Wrapped Black  Cord handle  -Black

16 Inch Throwing Axe with Wrapped Black Cord handle -Black

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This throwing axe is all black and has a stealth feel to it. The handle is wrapped in black cord and it comes with a well made black nylon case to protect the blade during travels. The shoulder of the axe features three rectangular holes, a square cutting edge with minimum edge curvature, and a circular hole in the axe-head. There are also two small holes toward the butt of the blade. These holes are useful for hanging or tying ropes through them. The wrapped cord feels sturdy in your hands but if it gets uncomfortable it can always be removed. The blade is wide enough to tackle outdoor activities and other jobs. This item has many uses and should not be passed up.


  • Menacing Double Axe with Split Spear-Point Design
  • Solid Black/Silver/Rainbow Steel - 10.5 inch length
  • Removable Paracord Wrapped Around Handle
  • Comes With Free Nylon Sheath - Featuring Belt Loops
  • Comes in many different colors