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16 Inch Foam Handle Baton - Solid Steel Police Grade w/ Free Case

16 Inch Foam Handle Baton - Solid Steel Police Grade w/ Free Case

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Since you never know exactly what kind of dangers you may have to face, it's always nice to have something to help you protect yourself. The peace of mind that comes from carrying a police baton around with you is well worth whatever it may cost, since you know that you will be able to face whatever comes along. The 16" Foam Handle Police Baton surely packs quite a bit of force, and it has some nice features you will appreciate. For one thing, it's easy to keep your grip, thanks to its solid foam handle, and it's easy to extend the baton out to its full length. It comes with a free carrying case that you can connect to your belt. That way, you can have the 16" Foam Handle Police Baton hanging at your side for easy access. It slides out smoothly and can be extended very quickly. It has a stainless steel core that is very difficult to break or even bend. As soon as you're done using the baton, you simply retract it and slide it right back into its case.

The 16" Foam Handle Police Baton is high enough quality that it has been used by law enforcement agencies, but there's nothing stopping you from carrying it around to keep yourself safe. And just think about how you might help others as well! You can purchase this baton or any of our products here at Security Wizard for our guaranteed lowest price. We actually take the time to keep track of our competitors' prices just to make sure that our personal protection items are available here for only the lowest prices. That allows you to think less about money and more about keeping safe.


  • 16 inch overall length
  • Solid foam grip handle
  • Police and law enforcement grade public safety item
  • Easily extendable and retractable
  • Forged from very solid and durable stainless steel

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