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12 Inch Keychain Baton

12 Inch Keychain Baton

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If you're looking for a personal safety device that is strong, can be taken anywhere and available at a moment's notice, then you should check out our black finish, twelve" Expandable Baton with Key Ring by Takedown Gear. This baton is about as portable as you can get. With just the flick of your wrist, you can open the device to its full length and with just a slight push, you can fold it back into its resting state. The key chain makes it incredibly easy to carry and keep with you at all times. Never again do you have to feel outmatched when you're walking alone at night or just passing through a tough neighborhood.

The compact size and black finish makes it rather inconspicuous, that is until you want it to be noticed. Made from super strong stainless steel, when you have to swing this baton, the recipient of that blow will definitely know they've been asked to leave you alone. Tough and durable, this baton will last and keep you safe for many years to come. Because it's not always practical to carry some kind of obvious weapon like a knife, gun, or large bat of some type and because you don't always want to walk around looking like you're Mad Max, a compact expandable baton like this one is a great solution to a personal protection dilemma.

Women can keep it in their purse, men can keep it in their pocket or attached to a belt loop. They're also very easy to keep in your vehicle. As compact and reasonably priced as they are, you'll probably want a few. Imagine how good it will feel when you have this compact, solid steel baton at the ready when you need it, anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice.


  • Comes in black or silver finish
  • 12 Inch overall length
  • Super portable and compact baton
  • Keychain on the end of handle to carry with ease
  • Forged from very strong and durable stainless steel

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