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11 inch High Quality Real Leather Slapper (Slap Jack) - Black

11 inch High Quality Real Leather Slapper (Slap Jack) - Black

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With safety and security at the forefront of our hearts and minds these days it's paramount to possess the tools to protect ourselves. Whether you work late hours and park your car in a dark lot or take the train in the wee hours of the morning it's important to guard yourself and be proactive when it comes to your personal safety. Maybe your walking path to the garage doesn't have the best street lamps and isn't well lit. Shouldn't you be equipped with a source of protection?

What if you could arm yourself with the same defensive tools that police offers nationwide have at their disposal? Well, Security Wizard has just the thing. A High Quality, Police Grade 11" Slap Jack, made with real leather and equipped with a Grip Strap on the back. This Slapper is not much bigger than your average cellphone, convenient and easy to use. Imagine no longer being weary of walking home from the bus stop or train or no longer fearing the parking lot in those darker winter months. Take the first step to ensure your personal safety and pick one up today.

Black. 11" High Quality Police Grade Real Leather Slapper. Slap Jack. Black Color. With Grip Strap on The back. Excellent Quality.